Double Trouble

Travis and Tyler Groth were born with fuel running through their veins.  The twins were born in Torrence California but moved to Washington at age 3 and grew up in Gig Harbor. They were raised changing the oil & spark plugs in their dad’s pickup.  Before they were allowed to drive, the twins took up a competitive spirit, racing RC cars & hydros and anything else they could get their hands on.The twin’s first vehicle came at age 16.  The 1977 CJ-7 was supposed to be a surprise gift from mom, but the boys had to come to mom’s rescue when the Jeep caught fire on her way home.  After the fire department put out the flames, the boys had to fix their new toy before they could take it out to play.  Their high school years were spent working on the CJ-7, a sucession of Cherokees and their friends vehicles.  Off-roading became the weekend activity, as did speaking to law enforcement.  The boys soon learned the importance of front license plates, mud-flaps and not trespassing.Two years after High School, the boys began their journey to turn their passion into a profession by attending WYOTECH in Laramie, Wyoming.  Both studied diesel technology, and each specialized in a particular area:  Travis took Chasis Fabrication and High Performance Engine, while Tyler took the Street Rod class.  At school, the boys practiced MIG, TIG and gas welding, chasis design and fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, fiberglass work, painting and engine work.  Upon graduation, the twins took positions as heavy equipment mechanics with Keiwet Pacific.

While working in the constuction industry provided a comfortable life, the boys kept buring fuel.  They built a stretched CJ-7, modified a Willys pickup, took up dirtbike riding, and continued to offroad in the woods of Western Washington.  After meeting and crewing for Ranger Joe, owner and driver of Airborne Ranger, the boys knew that it was time to persue their dream of racing monster trucks.  After travelling with Joe for several shows, the boys took a leap and they purchased their first truck and Mirror Image Racing was born.


Body:  2013 Fiberworx Off-Road

Chassis:  Custom Built

Engine: 540 ci Chevy

Transmission:  2-Speed Powerglide

Tires:  66x43x25 Flotation