Heavy Hitter


Name: Derick Anson
Residence: Louisville, Kentucky
Birthdate: December 1st, 1968
Quick Facts:
–  Derick Anson is a former professional boxer.
–  Has also competed in outlaw figure 8 cars and drag racing
–  Filled in driving ‘No Problem’ at the age of 19!
–  The graphics on Heavy Hitter feature one of Derick’s bulldogs ‘Studley’
–  Heavy Hitter carries ‘Stop Bullying Now’ graphics, an organization which Derick supports.Sponsors:
B&R Racing Engines
Anson Roofing Co.
Bradco Engineering
Custom Fabrication & Machine
Body 2010 Chevrolet Silverado
Chassis: Holman
Engine: 500 c.i. Chevrolet
Transmission: Bradco Transmission
Shocks: Racesource
Tires: 66x43x25″ Goodyears