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Over Bored


For Jamey Garner, the driver of the Over Bored Monster Truck, his journey to becoming a monster truck driver an owner all began with a chance encounter in 2009. As the owner of Garner’s Towing, Garner was at the Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree with his wrecker during the event. Chris Bergeron, the driver of Brutus, blew a motor on Friday night and got a tow back to the pits from Garner and his wrecker. “I told Chris I could use my wrecker to help put the truck in the trailer, and then he started asking questions about my wrecker being custom painted and that he would like to eventually get his trailer painted,” recalls Garner. The two would exchange numbers and friendship was soon forged between Garner and Bergeron, along with Jim Koehler (Avenger). “Shortly after, we custom painted both Jim and Chris’ trailers. I eventually started painting the Brutus body and the one off bodies Jim does for the Vegas World Finals.” Garner would eventually meet Bergeron and Koehler events helping them out when they needed an extra hand on the road. “They knew it was a dream of mine to have my own Monster Truck,” said Garner. In 2012 the opportunity presented itself when a top quality piece came onto the market. “I was given the perfect opportunity to buy a truck when Perrin Motorsports decided to sell their truck to enjoy some family time.”  From there, the transformation to Over Bored began.

After months in the shop Over Bored was finally unveiled in 2013 and saw it’s first action that summer. Garner was a quick learner behind the wheel, improving with each event and learning a lot along the way. Garner’s family and crew provided him a top notch piece of equipment capable of handling everything Garner could throw at it. The year would be a great learning experience for the team in preparation for 2014, as they prepared for the year ahead new parts and improvements made to take performance to the next level.


Body:  1941 Willys

Chassis:  Concussion Motorsports

Engine: 540 ci Chevy

Transmission:  2-Speed Powerglide

Tires:  66x43x25 Flotation