Driver:  Doug Noelke
Residence:  Union, MO
Married:   Wife, Brenda
Children:  None
Years in Monster Trucks: 12

Doug decided to build his first truck in 1994. It was a 1979 Ford Bronco, about seven different colors with bullet holes, found in a friend’s woods. He restored the Bronco and licensed it, but that didn’t last very long. Shortly after that, Doug attended his first mud bog.Then the parts had to start coming back off to lighten it. Thus the Big Dawg was born! Doug raced for three seasons with the first Big Dawg. Then he decided to build a truck that was newer, lighter and MUCH faster.The Big Dawg II was built in 1998. It was a 1996 Ford Stepside with a fiberglass front clip and bedsides, four-link suspension and a bigger motor. The Big Dawg II was very successful at local events, as well as national events, in which it broke into the two second club.

But Doug’s heart wasn’t really in the mud. He wanted to fly through the air!! He even tried tough trucking the Big Dawg II a couple of times. After a trip to the emergency room, not to mention the crashed parts, Doug decided to keep the Dawg on the ground. As they drove by Bigfoot’s shop when they were younger, Doug always told his cousins that he would own a monster truck one day.

About 25 years later, his dream is finally coming true. The Big Dawg monster truck was built and hit the tour.  It is a 2005 Ford Super Duty with a Patrick Enterprises chassis.  After several years on tour it was time for something new.  With the help of promoter George Eisenhart, a new concept was born.  Something that kids and adults alike would both love – the TAILGATOR.  Instead of replacing or re-bodying Big Dawg, a second truck was built and Big Dawg 4×4 became a 2 truck team.  The Tailgator has been a huge success and is a fan favorite everywhere it goes.

Truck Facts:
Body:  2012 Custom Snake
Chassis:  Patrick Enterprises
Motor:  572 CI Ford
Transmission:  Ford C-6
Tires:  66x43x25 Goodyear